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Sony SmartWatch 3 Android Wear Review

Sony SmartWatch is the first watch from Sony using Android Wear. More than this, is the first SmartWatch using Android Wear with GPS.


it has the best protection against dust and water. As well, Sony SmartWatch has greater battery life, using it moderated (a study showed that it lasted nearly 32 hours, in an active guide).

At IFA 2014 the company announced the Sony Smartwatch 3. Its processor switched from previous generations’ ARM Cortex-M MCU to a ARM Cortex-A CPU. Source: Wikipedia



Sony SmartWatch 3 can run with Android 4.3 or higher. You can run a lot of apps, from GPS, Accelerometer to Google Now. You can read messages, listen to music, check the weather, call your friends or receive notifications.
Even without a smartphone, you can use it to have fun, listening to music when you do the exercises and you can adapt it to your style due to variety in colors.
As the others smartwatches, Sony SmartWatch focuses on health apps like Pedometer (counts your steps), Accelerometer and Runkeeper.




It comes in various colors: Black, White, Yellow, Steel etc, has a square screen of 1.6 inches (removable) – ( 320×320 ), slightly curved and rubber strap. It is not the most comfortable, but it has a nice design, made for active people. Also, it has a screen with maximum resistance and durability, a stainless steel body and offers a great image quality with rich colours.

Features & Specs

  • Sony-Smartwatch-3-features
  • 1 GHz, Quad-core
  • Storage type
  • 4 Gb internal storage memory and 512 RAM
  • 36 x 10 x 51 mm with a weight between 35.7 and 38 g
  • NO camera installed
  • Compatible devices


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  • Pedometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Runkeeper

Others Features

sony-smartwatch-3-reviewImage Source

  • Vibrator: YES
  • Wi-FI: YES
  • GPS: YES
  • Bluetooth: YES ( 4.0 )
  • NFC: YES
  • SIM slot: NO

Battery life




Sony SmartWatch can be recharged through microUSB, just like a phone. It has a 420mAh battery and it can be charged in about one hour. Even if is one of the most important Smartwatches and it has a lot of apps, the battery life is up to 32 hours. You can use it up to 2 days in typical usage and up to 4 days in moderate usage, standby.

smartwatch-3-swr50Image Source


  • Voice, touch, gestures
  • Microphone
  • On, off, wake up key



Sony Watch 3 is an intelligent choose if you want to buy a Smart Watch, because it has a lot of news, compared to others competitors. Maybe the most important is the GPS and it’s an important fact because it makes the Sony Watch more independent. If at the other Smart Watches you were constrained to use your phone, this one is made to be used separated but with the same effective.

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