Hadley Roma MB8006RWSQ 24 White Metal Watch Band


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Hadley Roma is the pre-eminent supplier to the jewelry and repair trade of replacement watch attachments in the United States. They are the industry leader in the introduction of new designs, new materials, and innovative products. They are the largest leather watchstrap manufacturer in North America. Hadley Roma includes in its collection many American made straps using the same materials and technology as we use to supply many of the most highly recognized and sought after watch brands. American made products combined with the highest quality imports create the Hadley Roma line. Hadley Roma’s metal, synthetic, and lower end leathers are made overseas, while Hadley Roma’s higher end leather and exotic bands are made here in the USA.solid all-alloy metal, 22mm body width, white-tone, flat satin finish, wide body,, expansion multi-fit, SMART 22 bracelet
Adjustable 20mm – 24mm Squeeze End Piece
Case Diameter: Mm

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