Get Fit, Connected and Productive with the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health: A Buying Guide and User Guide for the SmartWatch and Fitness Tracker plus the health app and web site


This buyers’ guide and user guide could be the missing manual for the Microsoft Band smartwatch and fitness tracker plus the Microsoft Health and Health Vault apps and web sites. It’s the first, the best, and the cheapest book about the Band and its associated sites.

The book has a big focus on fitness, because the Microsoft Band and the companion Microsoft Health app are both very focused on fitness. But just like other smart watches, and unlike many fitness bands, the Microsoft Band can also help you become better connected (by displaying incoming messages, calendar, and social media notifications) and more productive.

In this book you will learn about…

* How to set up and work with the Microsoft Band.
* The Microsoft Band’s fitness functions.
* The Microsoft Health iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps.
* The Microsoft Health web site, and the complementary Health Vault health-tracking web site.
* The Microsoft Band’s non-fitness functions that make it more of a smartwatch than a mere fitness-tracking band.

You will also learn about the author’s first steps to better health, better connectedness, and greater productivity.

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